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3M Vinyl Product Features

  • Dual cast vinyl film in an array of colors
  • Six distinctive looking finishes: matte, satin, gloss, carbon fiber, straight fiber and brushed metal
  • Available in 60 inch rolls allowing almost any section of the vehicle to be wrapped without seams
  • Removable with heat and/or chemicals.
  • Expected performance life when applied to a flat, vertical, vehicle surface:
    • 7 years for Matte, Satin, and Gloss
    • 5 years for Carbon Fiber, Straight Fiber, and Brushed Metal

Recommended Types of Graphics and End Uses for 3M Vinyl Wrap

• Solid color vehicle detailing
• Standard vehicle graphics, detailing and decoration, multiple layers of graphics
• Commercial vehicle and fleet graphics, emblems or striping
• Watercraft graphics applied above the static water line only