We offer fast shipping from Ontario and British Columbia to anywhere in Canada. Products we sell are genuine 3M 1080 vinyls, guaranteed! There is no returns on pre-cut orders.

Will vinyl wrap damage my vehicle's paint?
Wrapping a vehicle is a completely reversible process and will not damage your vehicle OEM manufacturers paint job. Vinyl wrap will protect your vehicle's paint job from stone chips, scratches and fading due to harmful UV rays. You can remove the wrap from a vehicle by yourself, but for time savings and best results we do recommend that you have the work done by an experienced professional.
How much vinyl do I need?
You have to plan every piece of vinyl you are going to use. If you are using 3rd party installer invite him/her to plan it with you.
How long will the delivery take?
It depends where you live. Orders to major cities take 2-3 days. We process all the orders the same day and send them out for delivery next day.
How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?
Payments are handled by Paypal. Your personal data is safe.
What exactly happens after ordering?
We review your order, cut the vinyl according to your specified length and ship it. Fast!