In 2010 we started our first online ecommerce website which we still support and operate. In 2015 we decided to upgrade the look and feel of the site and create functionality we could expand later. We lunched a new site called When we started in 2010 we wanted to create an alternative to cross border shopping. Our goal was to provide brand name 3M products at competitive pricing in Canada and we wanted to ship it fast at reasonable cost. It was also important to focus on highest quality, genuine 3M product. Thanks to our wonderful partners we achieved that goal. We ship from 2 locations, one in BC and one in Ontario. Every day we successfully ship out orders to provinces and territories across Canada. Our long list of happy customers is getting longer every day.

Our business office is located in Hamilton, Ontario. All the orders and inquires come through our business office. This is our customer service location. We do not carry inventory at our office but we can arrange for order pick up. We invite you to visit us anytime.

Please give us a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Mike Kowanda